Emergency Guides

A repository of relevant third party guides, kits, checklists, and plans for emergency preparedness in the UK.

I strongly recommend download your local Community Risk Register by searching online for your county and the words “resilience forum Community Risk Register”. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 required every police area to prepare a risk register for the local area. It can highlight potential problems that are local to you, for example power stations, major transport routes, and so on.

United Kingdom Resilience

National Risk Assessment 2017 Overview of Strategic Risks (HM Gov)

UK National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies 2017 (HM Gov)

The National Security Strategy (HM Gov)

Preparing for Emergencies Guide (HM Gov)

Pandemic Influenza

Be Prepared for Pandemic Influenza

NHS Guide to the FFP3 respirator (equivalent to USA’s N99 respirator)

The UK Influenza Preparedness Strategy 2011

General Disaster Advice

FEMA Guide to Preparing for Disasters

FCO Emergency Preparedness advice

ARC Be ‘Red Cross Ready’

Ready.gov Checklist

FEMA Food and Water in an Emergency

ITS Tactical Car Kit