Jack Monrorrisons Shopping List.

Here is Jack Monroe’s shopping list priced up and linked to Morrisons web shop that I’ve put together to help your price comparison / prepping ordering. If you’d like to do the same list for your own supermarket that would be incredibly helpful so please let me know and I will publish it alongside! I’ve had to substitute / omit some items but it’s 95% complete.

I also have my own First Steps Shopping List which covers similar ground, that you might like to have a scan through.

Conchigle £0.61 for 500g Link
Fusilli £2.90 for 3kg Link
Penne £2.50 for 1kg Link
Basmati £3 for 2kg rice Link
Arborio (risotto) rice £1.30 for 500g Link
Self raising flour £0.80 for 1.5kg Link
Fast action yeast tin £1.10 for 110g Link
Fast action yeast Sachets £0.85 for 56g Link
Tinned potatoes £0.94 for 360g Link
Stuffing mix £0.77 for 340g Link
Instant mash £0.50 for 80g Link
Oats £0.75 for 1kg Link
Cornflakes £1 for 500g Link
Super noodles n/a
Tinned mandarins £1.60 for 624g Link
Tinned pears £1.60 for 460g Link
Tinned peaches £0.68 for 240g Link
Tinned prunes £0.75 for 235g Link
Tinned cherries £1.24 for 410g Link
Tinned grapefruit £0.80 for 290g Link
Tinned pineapple £1.60 for 520g Link
Tinned plum tomatoes £0.28 for 400g Link
Tinned corn £0.35 for 326g Link
Tinned spinach (puree??) £1 for 795g Link
Tinned whole carrots £0.38 for 160g Link
Tinned sliced carrots £0.36 for 160g Link
Dried mushrooms mixed £2 for 20g Link
Dried mushrooms porchini £2 for 20g Link
Tinned kidney beans £0.38 for 240g Link
Tinned cannelini beans £0.50 for 175g Link
Tinned chickpeas £0.45 for 180g Link
Tinned borlotti beans £0.50 for 175g Link
Sardines/Pilchards £0.34 for 120g Link
Mackerel £0.80 for 125g Link
Herring roe n/a
Stewed steak £2.50 for 392g Link
Spam Lite n/a
Dried yellow split peas £0.70 for 500g Link
Dried red lentils £3.74 for 2kg Link
Dried brown lentils £2 for 1kg Link
Dried black beans n/a
Peanut butter 100% £1.78 for 340g Link
Dried cheese (grim): n/a
UHT milk £4.50 for 6L Link
Low fat Coconut milk £0.95 for 400ml Link
Normal Coconut milk £0.57 for 400ml Link
Low Salt Veg Stock £1.40 for 6 cubes Link
Organic Veg stock £1.35 for 8 cubes Link
Organic Chicken stock £1.35 for 8 cubes Link
Organic Beef stock £1.35 for 8 cubes Link
Low Salt Beef Stock £1.40 for 6 cubes Link
Garlic puree £0.90 for 90g Link
Tomato puree £0.50 for 200g Link
Black Olives £2.50 for 820g Link
Green Olives £2.50 for 820g Link